How Do You Use Permethrin Cream to Treat Scabies?


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People with scabies should use permethrin cream by rubbing it all over their body, as stated by WebMD. Permethrin cream is a prescription medication.

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The number of times users should apply the cream depends on the instructions provided by the doctor or pharmacist.

  1. Wash and dry the body
  2. Before applying the medication, wash the entire body and dry it completely.

  3. Apply the cream
  4. Rub the cream all over the body thoroughly from the soles of the feet to the edge of the scalp. Apply it in the creases of the body and in between fingers and toes.

  5. Leave the cream in place
  6. The cream should be left on for 8 to 14 hours unless instructed otherwise by a doctor. After the time is up, wash it off with soap and water.

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