How Do You Use a Pedometer?

How Do You Use a Pedometer?

How Do You Use a Pedometer?

Pedometers are devices that measure every step you take. According to, studies show that the more steps you take per day, the better shape you are likely to be in. Wear a pedometer daily, or use a pedometer app on your smart phone to see how much you're moving each day.

  1. Adjust your pedometer correctly

    Clip your pedometer to your waistband halfway between your side and your belly button. If you are using a smart phone pedometer app, turn it on and place the phone in your front pocket. Start the pedometer. Walk about 25 steps, then check the pedometer to make sure it is measuring your steps correctly.

  2. Walk and move normally for a week

    Use your pedometer to keep track of your normal motion for a week. Don't try to increase your activity level yet, but keep track of your daily step count. Look over your numbers at the end of the week and think about how you can increase your walking activity.

  3. Set new goals

    Set goals for your daily movement. Try to add 300 to 500 steps to your routine each day; 500 steps equals approximately 1/4 mile. Add steps by parking further away from your destination, taking stairs instead of elevators and walking to run errands rather than driving.

  4. Continue to increase your walking goals

    Check your improvement after your second week using your pedometer. Continue to increase your goals until you are walking approximately 10,000 steps per day.