How Do You Use Over-the-Counter Bronchial Inhalers?


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An over-the-counter bronchial inhaler is used by taking a deep breath, placing the lip of the canister in the mouth, and then pressing down on the top to administer medication, according to Partners Healthcare. One dose is administered per press, and some people need more than one dose.

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The best way to get medication from an over-the-counter bronchial inhaler is by inhaling the mist of medication into the lungs and bronchial tubes, says Partners Healthcare. This is done by pressing the lips tightly around the mouthpiece before pressing down on the inhaler.

Over-the-counter, or OTC, bronchial inhalers are to be used only for mild asthma, according to MedicineNet. Mild asthma is described as asthma episodes that occur no more than once a week. Over-the-counter inhalers are not a good option for replacing a prescription inhaler if the patient has moderate or severe asthma. If the patient needs frequent doses of asthma medication or if he has episodes at night, he needs to see a physician.

OTC bronchial inhalers come in different concentrations, with either ephedrine or epinephrine as the medication. It is in a vaporized form, which is why a mist comes out of the inhaler when it is released from the mouthpiece.

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