How Do You Use the OneTouch UltraMini Meter?


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To check your blood sugar with the OneTouch UltraMini meter, first gather the necessary supplies, explains OneTouch. These supplies include OneTouch Ultra Control solution, the OneTouch lancing device and UltraSoft sterile lancets, OneTouch Ultra Blue test strips, and the UltraMini meter. Next, check the code on the test strip vial. The meter uses the code numbers to calibrate with the test strips and provide accurate results.

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Code the meter before the first use and each time you switch to a new vial of test strips, notes OneTouch. After properly coding the meter, allow the display to change to the screen with a flashing blood drop icon.

When you see the flashing blood drop icon, the meter is ready to perform a blood glucose test. Choose the appropriate sampling site, then thoroughly wash the site with warm, soapy water. Next, rinse and dry the site, instructs OneTouch. Use the lancing device to lance the desired site.

If using your fingertip as the sample site, gently massage or squeeze your fingertip after lancing, suggests OneTouch. Making sure the meter is on, and move the meter and test strip towards the blood drop while keeping your finger steady and extended. Line up the test strip and the blood drop so that the narrow channel on the test strip's edge nearly touches the blood drop. Next, gently touch the test strip to the edge of the blood drop, taking care not to push the test strip against your fingertip, as doing so may prevent the channel from completely filling. Your blood glucose level appears on the meter's display and automatically stores in the meter's memory.

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