How Do You Use One Touch Ultra?


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To use the OneTouch Ultra Meter, an individual inserts a OneTouch test strip into the device, selects the Apply Blood button and prepares the OneTouch Lancing Device, according to the instructions provided by OneTouch. He then punctures the skin and carefully applies a drop of blood to the test strip.

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After the blood makes contact with the test strip, the meter then draws the strip inside and analyzes the blood-sugar content. Once the blood drop has been drawn into the channel, the confirmation window on the meter's screen should start filling up. The confirmation window then fills up completely when there is enough blood to accurately read the sugar content. When the meter detects enough blood on the test strip, it then begins a countdown from five to one, after which the results are shown on the screen. Along with the blood sugar level, the screen should also show the unit of measurement, and the date and time of the test, according to OneTouch.

The OneTouch Ultra Meter can be used to test blood samples taken from the finger, forearm or palm, although special instructions apply when testing samples from the palm or forearm. OneTouch recommends using different testing sites, depending on the time that the test is being performed. All three sites can be for most routine testing, but the company recommends only testing blood from the fingertips if the individual is concerned about low blood sugar levels.

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