How Do You Use Olive Oil to Drown Ear Mites?


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Mix a half ounce of olive oil with a vitamin E capsule and garlic to fight ear mites in a dog's ear, according to VetInfo. Allow this mixture to sit for two days, then strain it through a filter before applying it with a dropper into the animal's ear.

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Massage this solution through the dog's ear after application, and use it consistently use for six weeks to rid the ears of mites. VetInfo reports that mite eggs take six weeks to hatch, so it is important to continue application for this amount of time. The oil does not need to be applied daily, but the frequency of application depends on the severity of the infestation. A double application every two or three days is usually effective.

The olive oil smothers all adult mites with which it comes in contact, and garlic has strong antibiotic properties in addition to being a mite repellent, explains VetInfo. Oregano and peppermint are also recommended by Vetinfo as repellents, but these herbs lack the antibiotic property of garlic.

There are prescription medications that can rid dogs of ear mites within a week, reports Vetinfo; however, these insecticides can pose health risks for other pets. Olive oil is a safer alternative to these medications.

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