How Do You Use Nerve Repair Optimizer?


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People should take one capsule of Nerve Repair Optimizer per day to feel results, according to Healing Within Products. For maximum results, users should take it along with the Neuropathy Support Formula, which includes a daily dose of 150 milligrams of R-alpha lipoic acid.

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A bottle of Nerve Repair Optimizer contains 30 capsules filled with 300 milligrams of 100-percent stabilized R-alpha lipoic acid. Nerve Repair Optimizer is meant to be effective in helping people with advancing or severe symptoms of peripheral neuropathy, supposedly reducing the symptoms, claims Healing Within Products. Alpha lipoic acid is possibly effective at treating symptoms of diabetes, such as burning, pain and numbness, states WebMD.

There is evidence that shows alpha lipoic acid may be effective in preventing certain kinds of cell damage in the body and improving levels of vitamin E and vitamin C, explains WebMD. The antioxidant may also be effective in improving neuron function in diabetics. It may take up to five weeks for people taking alpha lipoic acid to experience any relief from their diabetic nerve pain and numbing sensations. There is inconsistent evidence to support the claim that taking this drug regulates or improves blood sugar levels in those suffering from diabetes. It may be helpful for weight loss.

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