How Do You Use Nerve Blocks?


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Using nerve blocks depends on the type of nerve block a person receives, as stated by WebMD. Diagnostic nerve blocks are used to determine the source of pain, while therapeutic nerve blocks are used in treating painful conditions. Nerve blocks can also be used in some cases to prevent the possibility of a surgical operation.

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A nerve block is an injection used in releasing pain by blocking the group of nerves causing the pain. The type of pain a patient is experiencing will determine the type of nerve block that a doctor will recommend. Types of nerve blocks include trigeminal, maxillary, brachial plexus, ophthalmic, supraorbital, sphenopalatine, cervical plexus, facet joint and sympathetic, among others.

The use of nerve blocks has different side effects, including rash, itching, extra energy, bleeding, increased blood sugar, weight gain and even death. Nerve blocks are not recommended for all patients experiencing pain, as stated by WebMD.

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