How Do You Use Mustard to Cure Chronic Coughs?


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Applying a mustard poultice to the chest for up to 20 minutes helps to drain the air passages and lungs of excess mucus. A hot water bottle and heating pad can achieve the same result, and once the excess mucus is gone, the coughing should subside, notes DoctorMurray.com.

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Bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia are just three causes for chronic cough. A common goal of treatment is to get rid of the mucus causing the coughing. Making a mustard poultice involves mixing three parts flour with one part dry mustard before adding enough water to produce a paste. A spatula or butter knife is the right tool for spreading the paste on a piece of cheesecloth or an old pillowcase. Folding the poultice so that the mustard faces outward and placing it on the chest for no more than 20 minutes lets the mustard attack the mucus, as stated by DoctorMurray.com.

It is important to check the chest frequently and take the poultice off after 20 minutes, as mustard leads to blisters if left in place for too long. After taking the poultice off, lying face down on a bed, leaving the upper half of the body hanging off the bed but supporting it with the forearms is the next step. Patients should try to cough into a tub or onto a section of newspaper on the floor. Coughing should decrease within the first 48 hours after application of the poultice, according to DoctorMurray.com.

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