How Do You Use a Mooncup?


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According to Mooncup, the first step in using the device is to fold the cup in half in order for it to easily slide into the vaginal opening. Once the cup is folded, the next step is to insert the Mooncup into the vaginal entrance, guiding it upwards. In order for the Mooncup to work properly, it should rest close to the vaginal entrance.

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How Do You Use a Mooncup?
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Mooncup explains that the device is a reusable menstrual cup that is designed with medical grade silicone. When inserted properly, the Mooncup collects three times the amount of menstrual fluid that a tampon or maxi-pad can absorb. Mooncup recommends that women remove and rinse the cup every four to eight hours to ensure adequate protection. It is important for women to wash their hands prior to rinsing and re-inserting the Mooncup.

The Mayo Clinic explains that menstrual cups are typically designed with non-latex materials and can be left in place during bowel movements and urination. Menstrual cups vary in size, depending on the specific menstrual flow of the user. Menstrual cups do not protect women from pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. It is important for women who use intrauterine birth control devices to consult with a physician prior to using a menstrual cup.

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