How Do You Use Metamucil?


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Metamucil is taken orally, according to WebMD. Follow the directions on the package unless a doctor prescribes a different method. Metamucil dosages are based on treatment response, age and medical condition. Take powdered Metamucil with a full glass of liquid and chew Metamucil wafers thoroughly to prevent choking.

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Completely blend 8 ounces of powdered Metamucil into a liquid and drink immediately, recommends WebMD. Add more liquid if the mixture is too thick for safe consumption. Take Metamucil two hours before or after other medications to avoid reducing the effects of other medications. Do not double dosages to compensate for a missed dose. Take a missed dose when you remember, or wait for the next scheduled dose.

Notify your doctor and pharmacist of all herbal products, prescription and nonprescription drugs before taking the product to prevent any adverse drug interactions. Tell the doctor of any medical issues such as appendicitis, rectal bleeding or intestinal blockage to prevent harmful reactions. Patients with diabetes or women who are breast-feeding or pregnant should consult a doctor before taking Metamucil, notes WebMD. Metamucil is used to treat constipation and help with the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Some side effects include stomach cramping or gas.

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