How Do You Use Leg Magic?


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Step onto the Leg Magic, and ensure that your feet are secure on the pedals. Start moving the legs back and forth to create a gliding motion, and repeat this a few times before reversing the motion of your legs so that they are gliding inward instead of outward. For Leg Magic to work effectively, the machine must be used several times a day in one-minute intervals.

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  1. Step on the pedals

    Place your feet on the pedals that are connected to the bottom tracks of the Leg Magic.

  2. Move your legs

    Move your legs back and forth so that they create a gliding motion. This motion works your leg muscles, including the buttocks, abductors and adductors.

  3. Reverse your motion

    After gliding outward for some time, reverse the motion of the Leg Motion, and start gliding inward. This works out more of the muscles in the legs so that the legs are toned evenly.

  4. Work out several times a day

    The manufacturers of Leg Magic claim that a one-minute workout on the machine, repeated a few times during the day, is necessary to achieve the desired results. Working out on the machine for longer than a minute at a time could cause strain on the knees, according to Med Solver.

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