How Do You Use KT Tape?


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KT Tape, a brand of kinesiology tape, should be applied to clean, dry skin to provide support to an injured or weakened joint or muscle. The exact application varies depending on the body part in need of support.

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Before you apply the tape, measure and cut it in to the necessary shapes and lengths with the backing still attached. Next, carefully apply those strips to the injured area in the appropriate configuration. It is generally best to remove the backing a little at a time to avoid accidentally sticking the tape to itself. When the tape is in the proper position, rub it for a few seconds to activate the glue.

Moisture, oils or soap residue can cause the tape to stick less effectively, so wiping the area with rubbing alcohol helps ensure a better application. Apply the tape in a way that supports the injured area, but avoid wrapping it. KT Tape should be used in strips rather than like a traditional athletic support wrap.

If the tape is being used over a joint, be sure to bend the joint fully before applying it. This helps ensure a full, comfortable range of motion. Most joint taping techniques also focus on the sides of the joint rather than running over the top of it. Muscle injuries generally require longer strips directly over the injured area.

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