How Do You Use Kinesio Tape?


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To use kinesio tape, stretch the tape and apply it over the muscle from the muscle's origin to its insertion point. Common shapes to use when applying the tape include an "I," "X" or "Y," but other specialized shapes can also be used. After putting the tape on the muscle, rub it, as pressure activates the adhesive.

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Using a shape that fits the muscle properly is necessary to get the maximum benefit from kinesio tape. The "I" shape fits on smaller or linear muscles. The "X" shape fits muscles that are both long and large, such as the biceps. The "Y" shape fits muscles that are large but not particularly long, such as the deltoids.

Kinesio tape can stretch to 140 percent of its starting length. When it's stretched and then placed on the muscle, it pulls on the muscle. Claimed benefits of this include improved joint motion, increased blood flow and less pressure on the body's pain receptors. The wearer can leave kinesio tape on the body for multiple days at a time.

Analyses of kinesio tape have found that it can provide pain relief, but there is no evidence that it provides other benefits. The level of pain relief is similar to other common treatment approaches.

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