How Do You Use Karo Syrup to Relieve Constipation?

Karo or corn syrup can be used to treat infant constipation by mixing a teaspoon with 4 ounces of cooled, boiled water, according to Baby Care Advice. Only 1 ounce should be offered at a time before feedings via a bottle until the stool appears softened.

However, while Mayo Clinic does not dispute that karo syrup was a valid home remedy for treating constipation, it warns that modern commercially prepared corn syrup may not contain the type of chemical structure that draws fluids into the intestines and makes it an effective constipation remedy. Instead, if a newborn or infant appears constipated, consult a doctor. In slightly older babies, a diet change or suppository may be sufficient in relieving constipation.

The best way to treat infant constipation is with water, fruit juice or baby food, according to Mayo Clinic. More water or fruit juice along with daily feedings may stimulate the infant's bowels. Options like 100 percent apple, prune or pear juice are best, beginning with 2 ounces and slowly increasing if necessary. Babies able to eat solid foods can try eating pureed peas or prunes. If these are not effective, a glycerin suppository may help the baby move his bowels, though this is not a long-term solution.