How Do You Use K Tape to Support a Knee?

Begin with the knee at a 90 degree angle, then stick two bands of tape across the painful area of the knee at opposing 45 degree angles, creating an "X" shape. This technique is specifically for lower-knee support.

When applying K tape to the knee, ensure that the tape is pulled to roughly 75 percent of its full stretch capacity. recommends applying a one or two-inch length of tape without any stretch just outside of the area that is being taped to create a firm anchor point.

To support the inner knee, first bend the leg at 90 degrees. Stretch the first piece of tape to about 80 percent and line it up parallel to the femur on the inside of the knee. Stick down both ends with no stretch to create an anchor. Line up another piece of tape parallel to the shin and use the same technique to anchor it.

Anchor a third piece of tape to the space between the two lines of the "X" shape below the point of pain. Once anchored, pull this piece of tape upward, turning it parallel to the femur so that it is stuck in an "L" shape on the bent leg.

Before taping, always ensure that the skin is clean and dry. Use scissors to round off the corners of the tape before applying to prevent it from catching on clothing or other objects.