How Do You Use the IV Compatibility Tool?


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To use the Micromedex IV Compatibility tool, begin by typing the brand or generic name of the first IV medication in the Enter Search Term box, as Micromedex Solutions explains. Select the correct option from the Matching Drug Names list, repeating the process for all other medications. Finally, click Submit.

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The IV Compatibility tool displays potential drug matches as you continue to type more characters, according to Micromedex Solutions. The results become more precise as you enter additional characters. The system displays brand name medications and synonyms for drugs in mixed case, while generic drug names appear in all uppercase letters. For example, a specific acetaminophen-containing drug may read as "Tylenol Extra Strength," while the generic form appears as "ACETAMINOPHEN."

There are several ways to select a drug name from the Matching Drug Names list, as Micromedex Solutions indicates. The simplest option is to double click on the name. Another method is to click once on the name and then press the right arrow key. Clicking once on the name and then hitting the Enter button also works.

It is possible to remove a name from the Drugs to Check list if necessary, as Micromedex Solutions explains. To do so, double click on the name, or click the name once before pressing either the left arrow or the Enter button. Pressing the Clear button resets the entire system, making it possible to perform a completely new search.

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