What Is the Use of Gr8-Dophilus?


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Gr8-Dophilus is a trade-marked, probiotic product distributed by a health-supplement company registered as NOW. According to WebMD, probiotic food supplements are used to promote healthy intestinal flora: They provide the gut with large quantities of beneficial bacteria to fight off threatening bacteria in the intestines and restore balance.

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Probiotics are a relatively new craze in the supplement market and more research is being done to determine their full range of health benefits. WebMD considers probiotics to be generally safe, but mentions that more research is needed before the supplements are cleared for use by anyone with a weakened immune system, young children and elderly people. It is advised that patients speak with their physicians to determine if they are capable of handling such supplements.

Probiotics are often recommended by physicians to female patients who are taking antibiotics as a way to ward off possible yeast infections caused by the antibiotics' attack on healthy bacteria in the body. WebMD states that a drop in healthy intestinal flora has been linked to urinary tract infections, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease, gas and cramping. Probiotics are naturally occurring in the human body, but overuse of antibiotics without restoration of the healthy, gut bacteria can result in several complications in the body.

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