How Do You Use Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth on Sores?


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Mix 1/2 teaspoon of food-grade diatomaceous earth into an 8-ounce glass of juice or water, according to DiatomaceousEarth.com. Stir the mixture until the distribution appears even. The diatomaceous earth does not dissolve but spreads out, so drink it immediately.

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Take at least one glass of diatomaceous earth per day before meals, and add more glasses to your regimen based on your doctor's recommendation, explains DiatomaceousEarth.com. The silica inside the diatomaceous earth helps with a number of skin problems, including bed sores and other benign sores on the skin. However, it also alleviates many other conditions, such as rashes, boils, warts, frostbite, burns and insect bites, reports Earthworks Health.

The mechanism behind the benefits of diatomaceous earth for skin has to do with the silica, which slows down the process by which connective tissue degenerates in the body. Collagen contains a significant amount of silica and is the flexible adhesive that holds the skin together. In addition to helping wounds and sores heal more quickly, the silica in diatomaceous earth also fosters a more youthful appearance, notes Earthworks Health. It is vital you only consume food-grade diatomaceous earth. Other varieties are dangerous for human consumption and should never be ingested, notes DiatomaceousEarth.com.

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