How Do You Use First Aid Basics to Stop Bleeding?


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Using first aid basics to stop bleeding involves stopping the bleeding, cleaning the wound, helping the injured person lie down and immobilizing the injury, as stated by Mayo Clinic. Bleeding that lasts for more than 10 minutes requires immediate medical attention.

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How Do You Use First Aid Basics to Stop Bleeding?
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If the bleeding is due to a major trauma injury, contact an emergency care provider, as advised by Mayo Clinic. Emergency help is also essential if there is internal bleeding.

  1. Stop the bleeding
  2. Use a clean piece of cloth to apply pressure on the wound until the bleeding stops. If the cloth gets soaked with blood, use more cloth to apply more pressure. Do not put pressure on embedded objects. Raise the limb over the heart if the wound is on the arm or leg to slow down the bleeding.

  3. Clean the wound
  4. Clean the wound using soap and warm water to remove any dirt. Rinse out all of the soap to prevent irritation of the wound. Do not use iodine to clean, as cautioned by WebMD. Do not remove the embedded objects from the wound.

  5. Help the injured lie down
  6. Put the person in a comfortable position that does not suppress the wound. Lie the person down on a rug or blanket to avoid losing heat, and elevate the legs if necessary.

  7. Immobilize the wound
  8. Apply an antibiotic cream to the wound to prevent any infection, and cover it with a sterile bandage. Take the person to a nearby health center or contact an emergency care provider.

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