How Do You Use an Exercise Calorie Tracker?


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Use an exercise calorie tracker to determine the number of calories burned during a period of time while performing a given activity. Tracking calories burned during exercise allows you to more accurately determine how many calories to consume for weight loss or weight maintenance.

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The Fit-O-Meter exercise and calorie tracker offered by WebMD allows you to input up to five different activities daily. To use this tool, select an activity, then enter your weight and the duration of the activity to get an estimate of how many calories are burned. For example, according to this tracker, a 130-pound person burns roughly 325 calories over 30 minutes of rock climbing.

To lose weight, it is necessary to develop a significant and sustained calorie deficit, meaning regularly burning more calories than are consumed. An exercise calorie tracker may help achieve this goal by accurately tracking the number of calories burned through exercise. Tracking calorie burn each day over the course of several weeks allows you to adjust calorie intake to a level that is consistent and adequate for your weight loss goals. By using an exercise calorie tracker, you may also discover that you are burning fewer calories than desired, allowing you to adjust your exercise rate as needed.

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