How Do You Use Dental Glue?


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To use dental glue, clean off the dentures, and apply a small amount of glue. Put the dentures in your mouth, and firmly press them into place. The process varies depending on the dental glue, but it typically follows those steps. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for more specific information, and check with a dentist before using dental glue.

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Dental adhesives hold dentures in place, although they also work with crowns or caps that come off the tooth. Both powder and paste adhesives are available. Paste adhesives tend to be more secure, but they also change the bite more and are more difficult to clean.

Clean dentures by rinsing them and applying a denture cleanser. A toothbrush designed specifically for dentures is also useful for cleaning them. Pat the dentures until they are completely dry, as this makes it easier for the adhesive to stay on the dentures.

Manufacturer's instructions should include the correct amount of adhesive to use. For paste adhesives, about three to four dabs the size of a pencil eraser are usually enough for each denture. If the adhesive comes out when placing the dentures in the mouth, it's a sign of too much adhesive. Take the dentures out, clean them off, and use a smaller amount. For powder adhesives, sprinkle a layer of the powder until it evenly covers the dentures.

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