How Do You Use a Daily Diabetes Log Sheet?


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Use a daily log to track of the results of blood glucose tests throughout the day, says the American Diabetes Association. Test blood sugar levels with a glucose meter and then record the results in a log.

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Determine how effective a diabetic care plan is by reviewing the results of a daily log with a health care provider, recommends the American Diabetes Association. Look for patterns that reveal how stress, food and activity affect glucose levels. A daily log that shows high or low blood sugar readings at the same time for several days in a row may indicate the need to alter a diabetic care plan. Compare the results of a daily log with individualized target glucose ranges, because factors such as age and the duration of diabetes make these goals vary. Ask a doctor if extreme results of a glucose test should be reported immediately.

Learn about the factors that can affect blood glucose levels, such as insulin, alcohol, stress, illness and other medications, advises the American Diabetes Association. A lack of insulin makes blood glucose rise, and too much makes it fall. Alcohol, especially on an empty stomach, makes glucose levels fall. Illness and stress produce hormones that make glucose levels rise. Side effects from other medications cause both high and low levels of glucose. Control diabetes and avoid complications such as kidney disease, blindness and heart attacks by closely monitoring blood sugar.

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