How Do You Use Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive?

Prepare your dentures before applying the Cushion Grip denture adhesive and placing the dentures in the mouth. Let the dentures set prior to inserting in the mouth, for a firmer grip. Handy items for the application include a piece of cloth, bowl and denture brush, notes

Place your dentures in a bowl containing hot water for a few minutes to soften the old application of Cushion Grip. Using a denture brush, scrub the dentures gently to remove the old adhesive and food particles. Dry the dentures using the cloth. Clean denture surfaces provide better results when applying the adhesive, says

Apply small dots of adhesive on the dentures’ grooves according to the product manufacturer's instructions, says DentalCareMatters. Cover the back edge of the lower portion with the adhesive, and let it set for about five minutes. Place the upper denture in the mouth while leaving the adhesive intact, and press to provide a good fit. Hold the denture down by closing the mouth to ensure the adhesive distributes evenly, and repeat the process for the lower dentures.

Dab your gums with warm water and gauze, to remove excess and visible adhesive around the edges of the dentures, states DentalCareMatters. You may remove your dentures at night, but leave the adhesive in place and reinsert the dentures the following day. The adhesive strength lasts four days, after which you need to reapply it, says Dental Health Advice.