How to Use Compound W Freeze Off?

Compound W Freeze Off should be used by dipping the foam applicator into the special freezing substance provided; the applicator is then applied to the wart until the area around the wart turns white. This process destroys the cells of the wart and completely eliminates the virus that is causing the wart.

The Freeze Off system was designed in the way that wart-freezing procedures are used in doctor's offices. The ether combination that is in the freezing solution is able to freeze at temperatures of around minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The mixture is applied to the wart on the skin and it begins to freeze within just a few seconds. This freezing damages the cells that are feeding the wart and will cause the wart to begin to starve. The wart will generally fall off within two weeks.

Compound W Freeze Off system is expected to cause some discomfort to the area of the wart. If it is not applied to healthy skin, it will often cause a tingling or stinging sensation. This sensation will go away once the applicator is removed. A red spot will often remain on the skin for a few hours in the place where the applicator was located.