How Do You Use a Carbohydrate Counter Chart?

How Do You Use a Carbohydrate Counter Chart?

Carb counters are used by dieters to maintain or lose weight and by diabetics to manage their blood glucose levels. Usually dieters or diabetics check their carbs by measured servings of 15 grams each, according to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Nutritionists at the Univeristy of Pittsburgh Medical Center stress that dieters should receive four

carb servings or 60 grams at each meal and two carb servings of 30 grams for snacks to maintain or

lose weight healthily. These figures apply to both women and men.

According to the American Diabetes Association, the number of carbs a diabetic can consume depends on his activity level and the medicines he is taking. Therefore, the daily carb consumption should initially be determined by a patient and his doctor in order to keep blood glucose levels in check.

Authority Nutrition, an online publication, states that a moderate carb intake is appropriate for anyone seeking to stay active, healthy and lean. Carbs that are appropriate for healthy eating and weight loss include starchy foods, such as sweet potatoes and potatoes, grains, such as oats and rice, and fruits and vegetables. According to the publication, nutritionists recommend that dieters who count carbs try to pick healthier foods instead of desserts and sweets that are laden with carbs.