How Do You Use Carb Counting Tools With the Atkins Diet?


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The Atkins Carb Counter is a free tool that is used by looking up and recording the number of Net Carbs for each food consumed throughout a day. The Atkins Carb Counter contains a list of common foods, along with their realistic serving size and Net Carb amount.

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As of March 2015, there are two different Atkins diet plans. Atkins 20 is used primarily by people who want to lose over 40 pounds, women with a waist size larger than 35, men with a waist size larger than 40, or people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic. The Atkins 40 plan is primarily used by people who want to lose less than 40 pounds, are pregnant, breast feeding or need more variety in their diet.

Each Atkins plan recommends the consumption of a specific number of Net Carbs per day. Net Carbs equal the total carbohydrate content in a food minus the fiber content. This number can be calculated using the information provided by food labels, or it can be found using a tool such as the Atkins Carb Counter. Atkins also provides other free tools, such as the Atkins Carb Tracker Android application. This app provides the same Net Carb information as the Atkins Carb Counter tool, and has other convenient features such as a bar code scanner, progress tracker and recipes.

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