How Do You Use Canada's Food Guide Chart to Plan Meals?

How Do You Use Canada's Food Guide Chart to Plan Meals?

The Canada Food Guide chart can help plan meals by outlining the number of daily recommended servings of each food group by age and gender. It also outlines which kinds of foods make up each food group, according to Health Canada.

The Canada Food Guide was originally released in 1942 to help Canadians cope with food rations during World War II. In 2007, Health Canada released a new version of the guide to help reflect changes in Canadians' nutritional needs, as reported by Canadian Living. To use the food guide to plan meals, use the following steps.

  1. Consult the recommended servings section
  2. The Canada Food Guide breaks down foods into food groups and recommends a number of daily servings. These daily servings requirements vary between different age groups and genders, as people have different nutritional requirements at different ages.

  3. Consult the serving sizes portion
  4. Many people are confused as to what constitutes a serving of a specific food. The food guide offers serving size recommendations to help plan healthy meals.

  5. Look at the recommendations
  6. The new Food Guide offers plenty of advice and tips for good nutrition. It helps Canadians meet their requirements in terms of nutrients and offers some specific advice for groups that may be lacking in specific vitamins or minerals. The guide also offers advice on physical activity to promote overall health.

  7. Visit the Food Guide website
  8. Health Canada's Food Guide website offers plenty of tips on how to interpret Food Guide charts. It also provides additional information on nutritional labels, tips for choosing foods and Food Guides in additional languages.