How Do You Use a Calorie Counter Log?


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The easiest way to use a calorie counter log is to download an application or program on your phone or computer and simply enter everything you eat into the log. The program then estimates your calorie intake, keeping track of how much you are eating.

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Some calorie counter logs require you to type in or select the ingredients manually, but some smartphone applications also incorporate bar code scanners, so you can scan your snacks or pre-packaged meals. Most popular calorie counting logs also have calorie counts for common restaurant meals, so they are easy to use when dining out.

You can also create a calorie counting log on paper by simply writing down everything you eat and looking up the calorie counts on the food packaging or on lists of standard calorie counts, then adding the numbers together.

Many calorie counting programs also allow you to record your daily exercise to create a more comprehensive weight loss and fitness program. Some of these programs automatically track it using GPS, step counters or other automatic programs, while others require you to manually input the exercise. Some also allow you to develop a general weight loss program and provide you with daily calorie and exercise recommendations to help you stick to your goals.

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