How Do You Use a Calendar to Track Your Menstrual Cycle?

A woman can use a calendar to track her menstrual cycle by marking or circling each date of her period on the calendar, starting from the first day of the period, explains She can count her full cycle from the first day of one period to the first day of the next period.

The length of a menstrual cycle differs from one woman to another, reports The menstrual cycle can range between 21 and 34 days; however, some women have cycles that last up to 45 days. A young girl just starting out may miss her period sometimes or have two periods in a month; however, after some time, a pattern develops, which helps her keep track of her cycle, explains Procter & Gamble.

When tracking her menstrual cycle using a calendar, it is important for the woman to record other factors about her cycle, explains She should record her moods and whether her bleeding is exceptionally light or heavy. She should record every day that she bleeds or experiences spotting, even if it is between periods.

Using a calendar to record her menstrual cycle can help a woman control her reproductive health, reports Everyday Health. Understanding the rhythm of her menstrual cycle helps a woman plan to conceive or avoid pregnancy. She can also record patterns that may help a doctor identify any menstrual cycle disorders, notes A woman can use any type of calendar to record her menstrual cycle, including online calendars and applications, store-bought calendars or a journal template.