How Do You Use the Body Action System to Get in Shape?


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The Body Action System is a stationary target structure that allows users to build muscle strength and get a cardiovascular workout by delivering kicks and punches based on mixed martial arts moves. Body Action System workouts may put stress on leg and arm joints and are not recommended for everyone.

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The Body Action System website states that users can ensure their exercise form is correct by hitting the correct targets and following the instructional DVD. For a lower impact workout, users can hit the targets lightly; however, this method is mainly for stretching and does not provide the same cardiovascular and strength-training benefits as full-strength hits.

Diet Spotlight's review of the Body Action System indicates that the workout program may not be suitable for all users, particularly those who wish to avoid putting stress on their joints. The benefits of increased calorie burning and muscle mass can be achieved with a proper diet in addition to the exercise; however, the Body Action System does not provide any dietary guidelines for users. Users who wish to adopt the Body Action System as a weight loss or muscle-building program should consult a doctor to determine the proper nutritional requirements for such a program.

The Body Action System is also recommended as an additional training tool for fighters or people who already follow a workout routine.

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