How Do You Use a Blood Sugar Monitoring Log?


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People with diabetes check blood sugar levels throughout each day, and these numbers are entered into a monitoring log. Additional information, such as the time, medications taken and other notes should also be filled out so that the doctor can better treat each patient, advises the American Diabetes Association.

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Monitoring blood glucose is the primary way to manage diabetes and prevent complications. In order to determine the best medication, dosages and overall treatment plan for each patient, a doctor or certified diabetes educator must analyze daily blood sugar patterns. Activity level, stress and food all affect blood glucose, and should all be considered before making any significant changes to a patient's management protocol. Because the best means to achieve diabetes control varies widely from person to person, all the details in a blood sugar log are extremely helpful, explains the American Diabetes Association.

Blood sugar logs are available in print versions, as convenient apps for download, or there are online versions. In addition to bringing the log to all medical appointments, each person with diabetes should personally review and scrutinize the daily record. When results are puzzling or do not fall within the parameters of the target range for glucose values, a medical professional should be consulted, says Mayo Clinic.

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