How Do You Use a Blood Glucose Monitoring Sheet?


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A blood glucose monitoring sheet allows a person with diabetes to track his glucose in response to medicine, meals and activity. By recording this type of long-term information, a person can spot trends in his glucose levels and determine if changes in his routine are necessary, reports Diabetes.co.uk.

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A person should test his glucose before and after every meal, recommends Diabetes.co.uk. He should also record any notable activity, such as participating in exercise or skipping a meal. By studying personal blood glucose level information over a period of time, the person sees which meals or times of the day commonly cause his glucose levels to rise. He can also see how illness, stress and exercise tend to affect his blood sugar levels or medication dosages.

Many of the complications that arise from diabetes are the result of a person not adequately controlling his blood sugar over a long period of time. These complications include nerve damage, kidney disease, heart disease and stroke, warns Diabetes.co.uk. By regularly monitoring blood glucose levels, a diabetic person is better able to avoid foods and situations that cause his blood sugar to become too high. This in turn reduces the risk of diabetes-related health complications.

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