How Do You Use the Baking Soda Remedy for Gout?


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The baking soda remedy does not work for gout, as it only turns into carbon dioxide gas and water after it enters the stomach. It does not affect the acidity of the blood, which means that it does not have a realistic role in managing gout, according to Everyday Health.

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Gout results from excess uric acid in the blood, as it crystallizes and causes pain and inflammation in the joints. It is true that baking soda neutralizes acids, but it never reaches the bloodstream, states Everyday Health. Another home remedy that does not cure gout is pineapple. Although the Internet has touted the benefits of pineapple for gout, the ascorbic acid inside this tropical fruit only has a minimal impact on uric acid levels — not enough to alleviate the danger of gout, notes Everyday Health.

Other home remedies are more effective for gout than baking soda. Medications do manage the symptoms, but maintaining a healthy body weight and getting exercise regularly also cuts down on the risk of gout. Staying away from foods that are rich in purines, such as seafood, organ meats and red meat, also helps. Avoiding the consumption of alcoholic drinks and beverages that are sweetened with fructose is another way to keep gout from flaring up. Substituting water and other nonalcoholic beverages for those choices is helpful, notes Mayo Clinic.

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