How Do You Use Aloe Vera to Treat Acid Reflux?


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Aloe vera juice is often used to treat acid reflux as it can help soothe an esophagus that has become irritated, states About.com. Though research has not been done on aloe vera juice as an effective remedy for heartburn, it has been used successfully in Europe for many years.

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It is best to drink aloe vera juice before a meal when using it for acid reflux, explains About.com. The juice should not contain any aloin, aloe latex or aloe-emodin compounds as these are laxatives. Aloe should not be taken directly from the plant either, as many times the latex is mixed into the gel. Individuals should only use aloe juice that is labeled for internal use.

Aloe vera juice is not the only natural remedy for acid reflux, according to About.com. Another common choice for a natural acid reflux remedy is slippery elm. Though it has not been studied extensively, the bark of the slippery elm tree is mixed with water, and a gel is produced. This gel is thought to coat the throat and esophagus, bringing relief from acid reflux. Similar to slippery elm, the marshmallow herb helps soothe the esophagus and is best taken as a tea. Herbalists advise drinking the tea three times each day.

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