How Do You Use an AirLife Volumetric Incentive Spirometer?


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To use an AirLife volumetric incentive spirometer, set the recommended volume level, hold it in an upright position and exhaling normally, seal the mouthpiece with your lips, states ActiveForever. Next, inhale deeply, trying to raise the piston to the goal marker. Hold your breath for 10 seconds then exhale normally.

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An incentive spirometer measures the depth of inhalations and consists of a breathing tube, an indicator and an air chamber with a mouthpiece, explains Drugs.com. It assists patients recovering from surgery, those on bed rest and those who smoke or have lung diseases by facilitating deep and slow breathing. Deep breaths open up the airways making it easier to breathe and prevent the buildup of fluids and mucus in the lungs.

Volumetric incentive spirometers such as AirLife have certain features that motivate patients to perform and monitor their progress, adds ActiveForever. The adjustable goal indicator offers a volumetric guide for patients to follow when breathing and ensures that they perform the exercises sufficiently. The inspiratory indicator helps patients to breathe deeply by showing them when they are breathing too slow or too fast. In addition, the spirometer has volume calibrations on both sides and in clear print for easy reading. Patients use the incentive spirometer repeatedly in a day, measuring their progress and keeping a log as they improve their lung volume.

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