How Do You Use an Ab Roller?

How Do You Use an Ab Roller?

The Ab Roller is used to work out your abdominal muscles and shoulder muscles. It is also used to emphasize the oblique muscles. Workouts that include the Ab Roller are the ab wheel rollout and ab roll-out, which are strength training exercises. To use the Ab Roller, you will need a mat to kneel on and an Ab Roller. It is advised that people with lower back problems or hernias do not use the Ab Roller.

  1. Move to the starting position

    Get down to your knees. Hold the Ab Roller in both hands. Bend forward, and place the Ab Roller on the floor.

  2. Push forward

    Slowly push the Ab Roller forward. Keep your back straight, and inhale as you push. Lower your body as close to the floor as possible without actually touching the floor. Hold the position briefly.

  3. Pull backwards

    While keeping both hands on the Ab Roller, slowly roll your body back to the starting position. Exhale while rolling backwards.

  4. Vary the exercise

    To place an emphasis on your oblique muscles, roll the Ab Roller vertically instead of straight forward. Push the Ab Roller left for the first repetition, and then right for the second repetition.

  5. Repeat the exercise

    Repeat the exercise until the workout is over.