How Do You Use the Ab Lounge 2?


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Marie Mulrooney of the Houston Chronicle writes that the basic way to use an Ab Lounge 2 is to lie down in the device and perform abdominal crunches while holding onto the handle-bars and keeping the feet on the foot-rest. The goal is to perform 8 to 12 repetitions of the crunch motion.

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Marie Mulrooney goes over the details of the exercise. First, sit down on the seat, and place your feet on the foot-rest. Next, grasp the handle-bars, which are located on the sides of the Ab Lounge 2 model. Lean back until the Ab Lounge flattens out, placing you in a prone position. Keeping hold of the handle-bars and keeping your feet resting on the foot-rest, return to a sitting position by using the abdominal muscles to pull the upper-body back up. A slightly different exercise to work the obliques requires you to twist the hips to the right and then perform the crunches. Repeat with the hips twisted to the left. The Ab Lounge 2 device does not have any way to change the difficulty of the exercises, so if you can complete 12 repetitions of each exercise, the only further challenge is to complete more repetitions.

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