How Do You Use the AB King Pro?

The AB King Pro is an abdominal exercise machine that targets all the major abdominal muscles and allows for a 200-degree range of motion. The use of this machine is simple, requiring basic setup that depends on your ability level. Before starting a workout, you should determine the number of sets and repetitions that you will be performing. These will be increased as you become more advanced. Unlike other muscle groups, you can exercise these muscles on a daily basis.

  1. Adjust the back pad and handle

    Adjust the back pad and the handle to your ability level. The closer the back pad is to being upright, the easier the exercise will be. Lift the two together as one unit until it locks together at the angle you desire.

  2. Get on the machine

    Lie down on the AB King Pro. Make sure to rest your head on the back pad to reduce any unnecessary stress on the neck. Grip the handle with both arms. Place your feet on or beneath the foot pedal.

  3. Assume the position for the exercise you want to perform

    If you are performing an abdominal exercise, you will be flat on your back. If you are exercising your oblique muscles, you will be laying on one hip.

  4. Perform the exercise

    Keeping your neck and feet relaxed, contract your abdominal or oblique muscles, and press up through your full range of motion. Pause at the top before slowly lowering back to your starting position.