What Does Urodynamics Testing Assess?


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Urodynamic testing is a procedure to assess the function and efficiency of the sphincter, bladder and the urethra in storing and releasing urine, notes the United States National Institutes of Health. The test mainly focuses on determining the bladder's ability to hold urine and empty efficiently. It helps to identify any problem in the urination system.

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To take the test, a person should visit the doctor's office with a full bladder. When urinating in a container, the doctor measures the rate of emptying the bladder and the volume of the urine. A catheter is entered into the bladder to measure the volume of the remaining urine. This procedure may cause a slight burning feeling. A doctor may fill the bladder with water using the catheter until the urge to urinate develops. More water may be added until uncontrolled urination occurs, notes WebMD.

In some cases, the testing may involve the use of electrodes placed in the rectum to determine the rate of the electrical activity of the muscles when the doctor is filling the bladder with water. The testing is done when a person is suffering from involuntary urination or if other tests fail to identify the cause of incontinence. A typical result of the test is when the remaining fluid in the bladder is within the normal ranges.

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