What Is Urine Therapy and What Are Its Benefits?

What Is Urine Therapy and What Are Its Benefits?

Urine therapy requires people to drink urine or apply urine to skin for medicinal purposes, explains MedicineNet. As of 2015, no credible medical evidence supports any benefits of urine therapy.

Ayurveda, along with other holistic healing practices, recommend urine therapy to help treat a variety of medical conditions, including migraines, acne, indigestion and allergies, states CVS Pharmacy. Some holistic practitioners even recommend urine therapy to help treat cancer.

Mainly composed of water, urine also contains vitamins, proteins and hormones, along with urea, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Urine therapy advocates consider the presence of these nutrients in urine a health benefit. Those opposed to urine therapy argue that since the body has already expelled these nutrients, the health benefit of drinking urine remains questionable.

Due to a lack of medical evidence, urine therapy is not a valid treatment for acne, reports About.com. While synthetic urea, found in many skin care products, helps moisturize and exfoliate acne-prone skin, urine does not contain enough natural urea to moisturize or exfoliate skin properly.

Drinking small amounts of urine poses few health risks, according to MedicineNet. However, drinking too much urine may cause fever, muscle soreness and fatigue, claims CVS Pharmacy. Urine that contains chemicals from contaminated water sources or urine that contains toxins from medications or illegal drugs can cause harm when ingested.