Is Urine Therapy Helpful for Cancer?


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There is no medical or scientific evidence that indicates that urine therapy is helpful in the treatment of cancer, states Wholehealth Chicago. Many people drink their own urine due to their cultural or spiritual beliefs, erroneously believing that it protects their skin, whiten their teeth or help to fight infections, notes MedicineNet.

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The thought process behind urine therapy is that some tumor proteins exist in the urine of cancer patients. If the urine is then ingested and transported to various parts of the body, it is thought that the body starts to produce antibodies against the antigens and therefore help to fight the cancer, notes MedicineNet.

Most Western doctors don't support the use of urine therapy to strengthen the immune system as the body's stomach acid destroys any antibodies taken orally, notes Wholehealth Chicago. Any results experienced are likely the result of the placebo effect. It is very important that urine therapy never be used in place of mainstream medication to treat serious illnesses such as cancer or AIDS.

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