What Is an Upper Endoscopy?


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An upper endoscopy is a common hospital procedure that allows doctors to visually examine the upper portion of a patient's digestive system, according to Mayo Clinic. The procedure is completed while the patient is under slight sedation, and it is performed by a doctor who specializes in digestive disorders.

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What Is an Upper Endoscopy?
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An upper endoscopy allows a gastroenterologist to examine a patient's esophagus, stomach and the beginning portion of his small intestine, according to Mayo Clinic. During the procedure, the patient lies down on a procedure table, and he is given a slight sedation to relax. Next, the doctor inserts a long, flexible tube that has a camera attached to it. The tube is swallowed and is inserted into the patient's upper digestive system. After the doctor has examined the patient's upper digestive system, the tube is removed, and the patient can recover.

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