What Is Unique About a MRSA Infection?


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The MRSA infection has a unique quality in that it is a strain of bacteria that has become resistant to the antibodies that demolished the bacteria originally. Because the MRSA infection is resistant to the antibiotics that are most often used, doctors have to find different antibiotics that the MRSA infection is not resistant to in order to treat the strain, as stated by the CDC.

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The problem that will face MRSA patients in the future is that MRSA is continuing to become resistant to new antibiotics. There is concern that there will be more serious problems related to MRSA in the future if the production and creation of new antibiotics does not keep up with the antibody resistance growth in MRSA.

MRSA is a strain of staph bacteria from Staphylococcus aureus. It can be found through laboratory tests at the doctor's office and is often first noticed when the patient gets a skin infection. It is also most often spread through direct contact with wounds and hands from those who are already infected.

Recent studies have shown that two out of every 100 people carry the MRSA strain, but people can carry the strain without seeing any symptoms themselves. Thankfully, in 2011, a study by the CDC which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine found that the life-threatening MRSA was declining in numbers of more than 54 percent since 2005.

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