What Are Some Unhealthy Foods?


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Unhealthy foods include bacon, instant ramen, microwave popcorn, soda and other sweet drinks, and overly processed food products. Other unhealthy foods include mayonnaise, whole-milk products, creamy salad dressings, and ice cream.

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Highly processed foods have high amounts of hidden sugar, fats and sodium that are harmful to health. Soda, fizzy drinks, sweet tea and fruit drinks add plenty of calories without contributing any nutrients to the body. Alcoholic beverages have empty calories and result in fat accumulation in the liver. Whole milk products are packed with an overabundance of calories, cholesterol and saturated fat. Low-fat options of dairy products are preferable such as milk, yogurt, cheese, cream cheese, and cottage cheese.

Bacon, sausages and hot dogs contain loads of sodium and saturated fats linked to obesity, high blood pressure and heart diseases. These highly processed foods are packed with a lot of preservatives, leading to potential health issues from headaches to cancer. Fried potato products such as French fries, curly fries or tater tots contain unhealthy saturated fats, sodium, and a lot of calories. Ice cream and creamy salad dressings have overloads of calories, total fats, saturated fats and cholesterol. Instant ramen has an overabundance of sodium, which exceed the daily recommended intake by the American Heart Association, posing the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

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