What Is Unhealthy Eating?

unhealthy-eating Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Unhealthy eating takes the form of overeating before going to bed, eating on the go and consuming fattening desserts after dinner, according to WebMD. These habits prevent people from losing weight in the long term.

WebMD mentions that environmental, behavioral and psychological factors are a few things that lead to unhealthy eating. All foods should be consumed in moderation, and resisting unhealthy foods entirely only results in bad eating habits in the form of binge eating. Sitting in front of healthy food and conducting a "belly check," which calls for checking to see if the stomach is truly hungry, teaches people to manage cravings.

WebMD further notes that replacing unhealthy foods with healthy ones changes bad eating habits. Reducing portion sizes at night is another alternative. Getting more sleep reduces eating time, and cutting back on television also lowers cravings.