How Do You Understand Recovery From a Minor Stroke?


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Recovery from minor stroke can still take several months or over a year, depending on the degree of emotional, social and therapeutic support the patient has around him after returning home from the hospital. People who are dedicated to recovery generally overcome their strokes more quickly, notes Mayo Clinic.

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Stroke rehabilitation should begin within a day or two of the stroke, while the patient is still in the hospital, unless medical problems make that impossible. After the doctors have stabilized the stroke patient's medical condition and pulled him out of danger, rehabilitation should begin, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

Physical therapy activities for stroke patients include mobility training, drills to strengthen motor skills, range-of-motion therapy, and forced-use therapy, according to Mayo Clinic. This last type of therapy involves limiting the use of a limb not affected by the stroke so that the patient focuses on moving a limb affected by the stroke to improve its function. Functional electrical stimulation makes weakened muscles contract in an effort to teach the muscle how to work again. The use of virtual reality technology, as in the use of video games, places the patient in a real-time simulated environment. Occupational therapy, psychological evaluation, and some medications for depression and movement are also part of the treatment for mild stroke patients when necessary.

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