How Do You Undergo an Amsler Grid Eye Test?


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When using and Amsler Grid, you must use any eye wear you have been prescribed by your doctor to ensure accurate results, and when ready, sit about 14 inches away from the grid and cover one eye, then repeat with the other, according to the Macular Degeneration Partnership. You should clearly see all lines on the grid.

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The Amsler Grid is a simple preventative measure designed to aid in the early identification in macular degeneration, according to the Macular Degeneration Partnership. When focusing on the black dot in the middle of the grid, all surrounding lines should be clearly visible. If there is any break in the lines, or if they appear blurred or otherwise distorted, contact an ophthalmologist immediately, as this could be a sign of macular degeneration.

The early detection of a degenerative eye disorder is paramount in potentially saving your vision, states the Macular Degeneration Partnership. Macular degeneration usually occurs in stages, the two biggest of which are dry and wet. Dry is the first stage and can be relatively easily corrected. However, if wet macular degeneration is present, the problem could be more difficult to correct. If caught early enough, laser surgery can correct much of the damage. However, if macular degeneration has progressed too far, it could be irreparable.

As with any medical situation, each case is unique, according to the Macular Degeneration Partnership. However the Amsler Grid provides a rough indication of what might be going on if you think your vision is starting to fail.

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