How Do You Unclog Your Ears?


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To unplug ears, Mayo Clinic recommends swallowing, chewing or yawning to clear the Eustachian tubes. Holding the nose shut and blowing out while keeping the mouth shut may also help. If these are not effective, decongestants, ventilation tubes and topical nasal steroids may also work.

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How Do You Unclog Your Ears?
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Plugged ears often occur during colds that cause the Eustachian tubes to swell and become obstructed, reports Mayo Clinic. When the ears become unplugged, a small popping noise can be heard. Decongestants should only be taken for a few days, and ventilation tubes are for severe cases to help drain the fluids and relieve some of the pressure.

Ears can also become blocked because of wax buildup, according to UPMC Healthbeat. Ears are self-cleaning, but sometimes excessive wax may need to be washed out with some oil and water. The oil softens the wax to make it easier to remove, and water or salt water in a syringe can be used to rinse the ear canal clean. The syringe should not be inserted too deeply into the ear. In more severe or delicate cases, a doctor can use a special tool to clean out the ears.

Symptoms of plugged or blocked ears may include feelings of fullness or pressure, dizziness, earaches, and distorted hearing, according to Mayo Clinic.

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