How Do You Unclog Arteries?


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Unclogging arteries of cholesterol plaque is difficult, if not impossible, according to WebMD; however, evidence in one study shows a 10 percent reduction in cholesterol plaque after a 50 percent reduction blood cholesterol levels. Lifestyle changes and medications can reduce blood cholesterol levels.

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Clogged arteries are the result of cholesterol buildup in the artery walls known as atherosclerosis, as stated by WebMD. Atherosclerosis is often irreversible without surgery or risky medical procedures, but progression may be slowed down or stopped. Treatments to stop the progression of atherosclerosis include cholesterol and blood pressure medication, exercise, avoidance of smoking, and consumption of a healthy diet. For more severe cases of atherosclerosis, doctors may recommend angiography, angioplasty, and stenting or bypass surgery.

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